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Masters week and American Heart Fundraiser

Updated: Apr 6, 2023

This year is my 3rd annual golf event in memory of my dad, Ely. It is on Sunday, April 30th at Forest Park in Woodhaven Queens.

In preparation, I started my golf training and practice 2 weeks ago. I try to practice 2x a week plus strength and cardio training at Equinox. My golf practice includes going out on my own and hitting the day before my mock course competition. Sometimes that doesn't happen and I can tell I need more time to focus. I find difficulties in switching from balls coming at me in tennis vs. looking down at the ball and hitting.

The 87th Masters on CBS Sports is on this week, April 3 to 9th. Catch the pro golfers in Augusta National Golf Club in Georgia. 7 days of golf competition and fun.

Very exciting!

I HIGHLY recommend travelling to other NYC public golf courses this year. I added Forest Park and Clearview Park to my list. They really bring it to someone who likes challenges.

Sprain Brook is still my favorite in Yonkers. It's layout design, clubhouse and pros is Tops!

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